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London Fashion Week A/W 2010 Catwalk Review: Amanda Wakeley

A review of the Amanda Wakeley catwalk show at the BFC tent on Tuesday 23rd February, and my thoughts on FUR in fashion. Illustrations by Pearl Law.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Illustration by Gemma Milly
After Steve Reich had answered all the questions from his interviewer Emma Warren (which you can read here) he took a series of questions from the floor. I've tried to transcribe the answers as best I can here because they were an intriguing bunch:

How do you balance the listenability of your music with what you want to create?
When I write I'm alone in the music, case and my theory is if I love it I hope you do too, side effects but I think it's valid to question listenability if you're writing a jingle. It's not the same with a fine art composition. People are intuitively smart about music so you can't fool them - they will smell a rat [if your music doesn't come from the heart].

How easy is it to get into composition if you're not classically trained?
Sometimes you can see shapes in music and follow them. My son got Pro Tools and everything changed because he suddenly saw what he was doing and the eye got involved in addition to the ear. It changes your perspective when you can see the music you are composing. I work with Sibelius; it's easy to learn the basics but you should ask yourself - will it be useful? Will it help you?

Are you interested in audio illusions?
Well I haven't used phasing since the 70s but [having said that] my entire arsenal of equipment is Macbook… read more

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