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Review: The 2010 Affordable Art Fair

2010's Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park promises to deliver something for everyone. Does it?

Written by Amica Lane

Kate Jenkins

As a daughter of a zany artist, viagra 100mg my home was usually filled with my mum’s artwork, more about which from the pivotal ages of seven to eleven, went through a phase of being a bit shocking. Not to me mind, I was used to it, but one particular instant sticks out in my memory. Upon picking up a school friend, a yuppie mother freaked out upon seeing a rather illicit canvas. “You want wallpaper? Go to Laura Ashley. Art is provocative.” My mum snapped from the kitchen, “Bloody yuppie philistine.” And that was the end of those playdates. Anyhoo, that line has always stayed with me. What makes art, and what is merely wallpaper?
Attending an Affordable Art Fair is a double edged sword, depending on your perspective on what defines ‘art.’ At the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park this weekend, the place is ram packed with every type of artwork you could wish for. From oil paintings of Wine and… read more

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