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Craft: christmas decorations.

This is the third and final Christmas article from Hannah Bullivant- and we're talking decorations. With illustrations by Matilde Sazio and Avril Kelly.

Written by Hannah Bullivant

Fabric Garland by Hannah Bullivant

Christmas Craft by Matilde Sazio

So far you have heard me rant about the mass consumerism and waste that is now so ubiquitous with Christmas and I’ve shown you how to make no less than 5 Christmas card designs. Its time to deck the halls with some non-traditional and home made Christmas decorations.

Make something to avoid mass Christmas consumerism! By Matilde Sazio

I have always enjoyed making Christmas decorations. I had a wonderful art teacher in primary school who once helped us all to make large foam board Christmas Trees. We were allowed to go wild with copious amounts of glitter, read more

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