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Dorothy Iannone at Berlinische Galerie – an interview with curator Dr. Annelie Lütgens

Dorothy Iannone: This Sweetness Outside of Time is an extraordinary retrospective of work by a highly influential artist. I caught up with the curator to find out more.

Written by Amelia Gregory


Statue of Liberty.

When I received an email telling me about the new Dorothy Iannone at the Berlinische Galerie I decided to delve deeper and find out more about this enigmatic and influential Berlin based artist, whose vast range of artwork is rich in pattern, humour and eroticism. I caught up with curator Dr. Annelie Lütgens (pictured below) to find out more.

A Portrait of Dr. Annelie Lütgens

Why do you think it is important to bring Dorothy Iannone to a wider audience?
Dorothy Iannone is, simply, one of the most fascinating female artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. Her artistic career, which has spanned over fifty years, is entirely unique, and is, as such, quite valuable in terms of art history. Above that, Iannone is one of the most… read more

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