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An Interview with Blythe Pepino of Pepino

A sparkling band of humorous frivolity, sweet notes and beauty. Imperfect, unsigned but fabulous.

Written by Helen Martin

Blythe Pepino by Abby Wright.

Walking home from an evening out is sometimes a slow affair. With the chill of the air rushing through the leaves, the wind whispers, clarity in its breath. This is the time of night, when only the workaholics and the creatives are studious. It is a beautiful time to bask. As it is right here, even the most ridiculous ideas become utterly feasible. And indeed I have planned elopements to South America, psychoanalyzed the health food shop assistant down the road and delivered eloquent obituaries to dead film stars. Oh! It is here when high emotion is reached! When nightingales sing! Sweeping statements are made! And also when nothing at all can be said. Thinking, thinking... thinking. The boy has learned to accept the pace of these evening meanders, the ‘profound’ findings and flighty musings escaping my consciousness. Sometimes it is possible to revisit or even create these times of mesmerizing purity and definition. Often this is through music, which has this indescribable ability of transportation. Pepino is one such band.

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