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An interview with illustrator Jesse Tise.

Pasadena based illustrator Jesse Tise imagines the most wonderful worlds inhabited by strange flora and fauna. Here he answers a Q&A, bringing a little of the colourful Californian art scene to our wintery shores...

Written by Amelia Gregory

Euphoria by Jesse Tise.

When I discovered Jesse Tise by accident on Gareth A Hopkins' blog I knew I had to get in touch and find out what inspires his wonderful illustrations. Read on and enjoy.

Why Of Gods and Monsters?
I've always wanted to have a moniker for my art that was a little more special than just my name. I wanted the title of my website to reflect something greater and more magical than the ordinary world we live in. Of Gods and Monsters, which is also a great film with Sir Ian McKellen and Brendan Fraser, struck the chord I wanted.

Head for the Hills.

You've got a wonderful imagination - where do you get your inspiration from?
Nature! I love learning more about the flora and… read more

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