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Wounds – Camden Barfly – Live Review

Wounds, Take No Prisoners

Written by Andy Devine

Ockham's Razor by Rosalie Hoskins

I'll admit it. I've never been to much performance art or modern dance before. But let's just say that my circumstances have somewhat changed of late and at the moment I am enjoying being introduced to new types of creativity.

So, website what's with this Mime Festival stuff? Well, if you thought that mime was all men in black pretending to grope a wall be ready to have your definition of mime challenged. It seems that mime nowadays is more a combination of contemporary dance and circus. It's about story telling from an abstracted and expressionistic perspective. In a play you've got the constraints of character and storyline - well this modern form of mime is much more like creating a painting over time and space.

I went to my first mime festival performance with a completely open mind, but entirely unsure of what… read more

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