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Pick Me Up Contemporary Graphic Art Fair 2011: Mokita Symposium

A panel of seven men sat down to answer the questions: Is commerce the only real context for illustration? Illustrator as Author, new paradigm or death of the discipline? and Do we need a theory of illustration? But what I wanted to know was: where were all the women in this discussion?

Written by Amelia Gregory

Mokita by Catherine Askew.

Mokita was billed as a chance to discuss the role of illustration today and specifically what it means to be an illustrator, and how that definition is changing. Compared with fine art the applied art discipline of illustration is indeed under-critiqued, so I was keen to take part in the discussion and hear what others have to say. Convened by illustration lecturers Geoff Grandfield, Roderick Mills and Darryl Clifton, from departments at Kingston University, Brighton University and Camberwell College of the Arts, this was destined to have a highly theoretical flavour. We were presented with a lovingly put together booklet on arrival in the bowels of Somerset House, but then, really, would you expect anything less?! Inside it politely asked that shy audience members should text questions to the panel - a nice touch.

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