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The New Pornographers – Together – Album Review

Canadian supergroup led by AC Newman returns, their latest album being a rip-roaring collection of joyful harmonies

Written by Ian Steadman

"When I found out our record was coming out the same day as Broken Social Scene's I wanted to call Kevin Drew and shoot a little promo video, where it's like the two of us just facing each other on a windy day and then we embrace to the strains of 'Wake Up' by Arcade Fire. That would be like a dual ad for both of our albums. But I'm too lazy. I was distracted."

I like this story, partly because it's so lovely, but partly also because it illustrates something I've always wondered about the Canadian music scene - what's the rivalry like? What kind of tension is there? Is it like West Side Story, with every band and artist split off into one of two camps and… read more

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Festival Preview: The Great Escape

A look at Brighton's annual music explosion, featuring some of the world's best new bands

Written by Laura Nineham

The Great Escape Festival is like a British version of SXSW. It’s the one festival where you’re guaranteed to stumble across the next big thing, catch some already big bands […]


Two Door Cinema Club – An Interview

The Electro Pluck of the Irish

Written by Barbara Mattivy

Two Door Cinema Club are three Northern Irish lads from Co. Down, who, armed with a trusty Macintosh, are intent on providing our dance floors with some bona fide, hooky […]