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Macbeth: Shakespeare at the Broadway Theatre, Catford, London

A review of Macbeth at the Broadway Theatre in Catford, running until the 20th February 2010 and starring two of my thespian friends, Robert Wilson and Louis Brooke.

Written by Amelia Gregory

SHIFT Encounters was put together by the organisation Cape Farewell. Founded by David Buckland in 2001, price Cape Farewell has sought to move beyond the scientific debate of climate change by involving artists in provoking and engaging the public. I like this approach; it seems to be a really important way to start thinking more positively about how we respond to climate change and look to the future. It is often so easy to be mired in the worrying statistics that we forget that the future is not set on a fixed, generic predetermined path, but is something that, with a little imagination, we can shape and plan. Artists can help us make this leap.Singapore high riseIllustrations by Diana Boyle of Rooftop Illustrations

Last week I went to see the talk on architecture, bringing together practicing architects, lecturers and a technical consultant. The panellists were well chosen, each bringing to the table their own perspective and expertise so the discussion was… read more

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