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London Fashion Week S/S 2012 Menswear Day Presentation Review: U.Mi-1

New menswear label U.M-1 showed their S/S 2012 collection on the upper floors of the Freemasons Hall on Wednesday 21 September, with sharp suits and Prince of Wales checks…

Written by Matt Buttell

U.Mi-1 S/S 2012 by Gareth A Hopkins

Walking through the hallowed halls of the Freemasons’ building, salve I couldn’t help but think I was actually appearing in an episode of BBC One’s Spooks. Heals clip-clopped on marble flooring, cialis 40mg echoing around the grandiose interior, help darkened wood, glass cabinets filled with associated paraphernalia. I couldn’t shake the feeling I was actually there to meet with the Home Secretary; that Harry Pearce was lingering somewhere in the shadows. He wasn’t, of course, he’s fictional; and I was dressed *way* too good to be doing such silly business… read more

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London Fashion Week A/W 2011 Catwalk Review: Paul Costelloe (by Jemma)

The veteran designer opened London Fashion Week for his 10th year in a row with all his family in tow at Somerset House Catwalk Space on Friday 18th February.

Written by Jemma Crow

Illustration by Jaymie O’ Callaghan He’s the long-standing fashion designer that, information pills website despite his teeny tiny height, shop you could spot a mile away. Much like his clothes, really. A spot-on […]