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A review of Companie XY: Le Grand C at CircusFest, Roundhouse, April 2010

A review of Le Grand C, a performance by the French circus troupe Companie XY: acrobatics who build astonishing human skyscrapers.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Companie XY-Roundhouse
Companie XY-Roundhouse

I listed the Companie XY performance Le Grand C as part of CircusFest at the Roundhouse mainly because the PR asked nicely and there appeared to be some good deals on tickets. But frankly I didn't know what to expect - there is hardly any information about this acrobatic circus company from France to be found on the internet. At least, this not in a language I understand.

As the lights dimmed on the central stage the crowd went quiet in anticipation. In the shadows a group of people climbed up each other and then descended. It stayed quiet. And dark. So quiet that I could hear myself sucking loudly on the lemon sherbet I'd picked up from a stand at the London Book Fair earlier. Characters climbed on top of an upright log for no particular reason.

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