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Hvass&Hannibal Losing The Plot at the Kemistry Gallery, Shoreditch

Hvass&Hannibal talk about their new exhibition and their close relationship with the band Efterklang.

Written by Amelia Gregory


Danish designers Sofie Hannibal and Nan Na Hvass (pronounced with a silent H) are in London on the eve of their new exhibition at the Kemistry gallery in Shoreditch, stomach running until 27th February. Having first been invited to put some work together a year ago, salve Losing The Plot was completed in just six weeks. Sparring off each other in that easy way that really really good friends and work partners do, the girls describe the thinking behind their colourful work and how their long relationship with the band Efterklang came about.

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Climate Camp goes to COP15 in Copenhagen December 2009, Part 3

Reclaim Power! Climate Justice Action outside the Bella Centre on December 16th 2009, Climate Camp sets up in Hopenhagen, and my analysis of what our actions achieved.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Climate Camp, London Gathering – Review

Written by Zofia Walczak

The biopic. It’s a strange bird. When your subject is Ray Charles or Johnny Cash the thing must write itself. The drugs! The women! The soundtrack! But it’s this kind […]


COP15: The action starts now

Climate Justice Action events taking place this week at the Copenhagen summit

Written by Grace Beaumont

So, page Lets tackle the name situation. I was on your blog reading the suggestions that fans sent you and my favourites were Rad Stewert and Wasabi Lube… J: Oh, […]


Reclaiming power at Copenhagen!

Creating Social change at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit

Written by Adam S

Earlier last week I ventured down to Somerset House to see the eagerly anticipated SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution exhibition which charts this rise of the iconic website from its creation in […]