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New Designers 2012 Product Design Graduates: Baby and Toddler Products

A curvy cot made of cork, inflatable safety reins and edible potions were just some of the interesting product designs for babies and young children.

Written by Amelia Gregory

New Designers 2012
Products by Zoe Tynan-Campbell.

It's funny how being a new parent suddenly changes what you see: I didn't see any baby related design at last year's show, and yet this was all I could see of the product design at New Designers 2012 part two.

New Designers 2012-Emma Doran
At UWE Emma Doran's Co-See considered all the important design issues for a new mum and I for one would certainly have loved to test her dual action cot and carry cot, which enables easy co-sleeping by attaching to the side of the bed with a drop down side. Instead I spent those difficult early days hoiking Snarfle in and out of a Moses basket… read more

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