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Craft: Make your own Christmas cards

It is Christmas and what better way to induce a good dose of festive cheer and combat the evils of mass consumption than to do some Christmas crafting. Here Hannah Bullivant shows you how to make some simple Christmas cards. With illustrations by Emma Block, Daria Hlazatova and Ellie Sutton.

Written by Hannah Bullivant

Illustration by Emma Block

You may think that Christmas cards are harmless tokens of festive cheer, but there is more to them than well wishing tacky Santa’s. When done well, with thought, they have the potential to convey festive cheer, bring good news and even re-kindle relationships. They can also, however, be completely pointless (dear Dave from Sam. Why bother) cause large levels of guilt, highlight your own lack of organization, and generate sit-com levels of gossip and rumour (“Drunken Unkle Nigel is SO off the list”). Manufacturing and sending Christmas cards wastes thousands of tonnes of carbon every year, and most of the cards end up in landfill anyway.

Illustration by Daria Hlazatova

In fact, you might very well decide simply not to send them, and I really don’t blame you. (Full of Christmas cheer, I am.) Alternatively, to be slightly less of a scrooge, you could join me in making just… read more

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The Best of Bust Magazine Christmas Craftacular, London 2010

The Bust Magazine Christmas Craftacular showcased fabulous handmade goodies: and here's my pick of the best, including Vic Lee, Urban Cross Stitch, Seaside Sisters, Andrea Garland, Xiang Zeng and James Ward. Read on to find the perfect Christmas gifts.

Written by Amelia Gregory

All photography by Amelia Gregory. My ability to get out and about has been seriously curtailed over the past few weeks by the need to get


Craft: let’s make a mobile!

This mobile is quick to make, very easy and almost entirely free too. A perfect present for any new parents, but pretty rad for adults too. With illustrations by Michelle Urvall Nyren and Daniel Williams.

Written by Hannah Bullivant

By Daniel Williams Maybe theres something in the air, maybe its my age or maybe its the season but it seems everybody around me has suddenly spawned. Friends have started […]

Potato stamping

The craft column is back, and its celebrating the humble Potato. With illustrations by Andi Farr and Dan Williams

Written by Hannah Bullivant

Illustration by Andi Farr After a summer hiatus, and now that Summer has firmly shut the door in our faces, the craft column is back, and what better way to […]

Graduate Fashion Week 2010: London College of Fashion Graduate Natalie Rae

Sally Mumby-Croft celebrates Natalie Rae's accomplished collection with a conversation discussing her creative inspiration and ethical fashion credentials

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Natalie Rae graduated from the London College of Fashion 2010 class with a BA in fashion design technology (Womenswear). The designer caught Amelia’s Magazine’s attention for her stance against the […]

Craftastic. What to do with old envelopes?

For this crafty column, I show you how to turn seemingly useless and oft discarded envelopes into all sorts of useful lovely things.

Written by Hannah Bullivant

Illustrations by Farzeen jabbar Perhaps its because I’m getting older, perhaps I’m becoming more eccentric or perhaps its one too many glasses of wine but I am becoming increasingly intolerant […]

Jam jars

My second crafty recycle column looks at the humble jam jar and its many uses: Read on to get inspired and get them out of the recycling bin...

Written by Hannah Bullivant

My next project is not quite so ambitious or labour intensive as last weeks weatherproof bunting, but I want to include some easy instant ideas too. Jam jars have got […]

Weatherproof bunting tutorial

A new craftastic up-cycling column, written by Hannah Bullivant. How to make your own recycled weatherproof bunting...

Written by Hannah Bullivant

For someone who is supposed to be all eco and stuff, I have an embarrassing amount of plastic bags spewing out from underneath my sink. So I decided that my […]


Valentines Day – What’s it all about anyway?

What should you do on Valentine's Day? Here's my thoughts, including ideas for gifts from Tatty Devine, Rob Ryan, Clara Francis, Bonbi Forest and the Soma Gallery.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Valentines schmallentines. Yup, that’s what I normally think. But for some reason I’m in a good mood this year. Although that doesn’t stop me grumbling about the excessive tat for […]


Valentine’s Day- Pas Pour Moi?

A special Valentine's Day need not be bland! Art editor Valerie Pezeron's pick combines the creepy, the sexual and the enticing.

Written by Valerie Pezeron

Illustration courtesy of Mari Mitsumi Valentine’s Day is soon to creep upon us and discharge its usual bile inducing or saccharine coated brand of bland commercial overload. What is a […]


London Word Festival

Amy Hughes preempts the third installment of the bookish bonanza to discover why east is the word

Written by Amy Hughes

All Photographs courtesy of the London Word festival What does the term ‘literary event’ say to you? A raised eyebrow here, a bashful shuffle there, a stifling silence rarely fractured […]


Jessica Simmons’ Vintage Cake Diet!

Baking artist extraordinaire Jessica Simmons is among mavericks turning over new avenues to express their creativity. Dieting in January? Amelia's recommends the Simmons Cake Diet.Yum!

Written by Jessica Simmons

All photographs courtesy of Camilla Blackie except where otherwise stated I’ve just spent a snowy weekend in my friend’s country kitchen, elbow deep in flour, spice and all things nice. […]


The Love of It Indoor Picnic

Caper-causing site launch brings the outside in. Contributor Amy Hughes investigates a more eco-friendly way to have fun while being creative!

Written by Amy Hughes

All photographs courtesy of Amy Hughes Hiding in the loo from the conductor; tearing your hair out at awkward crossword clues; playing I-Spy; attempting to mop up spilt coffee with […]


Katherine Eves has Been Thinking Of You – Sewing Circle

Artist Katherine Eves has been working on a participation project centered around sewing. Here she tells you lucky folks about how to take part!

Written by Katherine Eves

All photographs and images Courtesy of Katherine Eves DATE The sewing circle will take place on the 13th January 2010. TIME Some sewing must take place between the hours of […]


The Makery – Bath gets Crafty

Written by Amy Hughes

It’s a buoyant sign of the times when a child chooses to celebrate their birthday not with fat-fuelled tour around the local burger chain kitchens and a game of musical […]

Eco Thumb

Arts Editor’s pick: Christmas Gift Guide

It's that time of the year again! And boy, don't we have a truckload of Christmas goodies for your appreciation!

Written by Valerie Pezeron

At Amelia, we thought you should know about these before you go out and brave the cold for that all important shopping trip! From limited edition prints to games and […]


Cut Out and Keep Customising with Cat Morley!

Online craft community, Cut Out + Keep celebrates 30,000 members worldwide!

Written by Valerie Pezeron

Photograph courtesy of  Cut Out and Keep Cut Out + Keep, the online craft community has just celebrated the 30,000th member joining the site! For a site which began as […]

All I wnat thumbnail

All I Want for Christmas is cards!

Bristol based charity gets über cool illustrators to design its Christmas charity cards- festive promotions don't have to be boring and tacky any more!

Written by Valerie Pezeron

Illustration by Peskimo The Christmas festive season is now upon us and many artists are selling festive products. However few are initiated to help the poor, the downtrodden and the […]


Art Listings November 23-29

Written by Valerie Pezeron

A HONOURS ILLUSTRATION – I-Spy Holborn Illustration by Holly Trill Haven’t got that Christmas present sorted? Here is an idea; Holly Trill is a student at Middlesex University’s BA Hons […]


LFW 09 Cooperative designs S/S2010 Happy Birthday Bauhaus

Fashion Scout, Freemasons Hall, 20th September 2009

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Cooperative Designs presented their latest designs aboard a Bauhaus Chessboard and on entering the presentation hall I was greeted with delicious looking (and tasting) Bauhaus birthday cake. The collection titled […]