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Ctrl-Alt-Shift Chantelle Fiddy Interview

Part 1 of our art editor’s coverage of United Underground 2, a music, art and activism event that ran all day last Saturday at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Written by Valerie Pezeron

SouthBank15All photographs courtesy of Matthew Gonzalez Noda

Valerie Pezeron: Tell me about the event today?

Chantelle Fiddy: It’s a new style of club night. The idea is to bring together music, seek art and activism under on roof to show that they are all married and they can be used towards a good cause.


VP: It’s the second year in a row, capsule isn’t it?

CF: It’s the second event we did. I think we did the first one in June or July and we used the roof as well last time, advice until it rained and then we had to go inside! It was… read more

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