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Anna Glowinski’s AnaNichoola – Girls Allowed!

Interview: Anna Glowinski; pioneer of fashion label AnaNichoola – for women who love to cycle. Edited by Valerie Pezeron

Written by Hannah Osborne

anna-pic-left-with-design-tAll photographs courtesy of

AnaNichoola, stuff a label created by avid cyclist Anna Glowinski, is fast growing fashion brand with a simple idea; attractive, affordable and convenient fashion for female cyclists. With the growing popularity of cycling as a means of exercise, being eco friendly, and indeed for fun, her range of clothing and accessories has catered to a market close to her heart. As Anna explains; ‘We (female cyclists) don’t want to apologise for who we are, or hide our pony tails under our helmets; feminine style doesn’t mean kissing goodbye to performance, and that is what AnaNichoola is trying to embrace.’ I met up with Anna to chat about her designs and passion for the sport.

What made you start designing cycle fashion for women?

It was sort-of an accident, I mean, I've always had conversations with women about the lack of nice, practical female cycle… read more

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