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Earth Listings: 28th September-5th October 2009

Written by Adam S

More Earthly treasures, page store plenty to sing and shout about. Gigs, protests, fundraisers and more...

All illustrations by Katrina Kopeloff

Protest against more flights at London City Airport
Tuesday September 29th 2009

By 2030, London City Airport aims to add another 90,000 flights each year to its timetable, including bigger, noisier, jets. Each return flight to America costs in the range of £3,000.
The airport is going to make a load of noise, so is the protest. On the morning of the first London-New York flight, a group of local people will be gathering outside the entrance to show the airport what it’s like to be disturbed by unwanted noise. Bring pots and pans, trumpets, whistles, horns…anything that makes a racket.

Time: 11:45 am - 1:00 pm
Venue: London City Airport, East London

Climate Swoop Benefit
Wednesday 30th September 2009

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