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Petter & the Pix – Good As Gold – Album Review

(Mostly) Swedish group's second album arrives, a delightfully eclectic folk jumble of instruments and influences

Written by Ian Steadman

Hello mother nature, nurse rx H&M calling.... 

Answering to the needs of so many already environmentally conscious shoppers, website like this and those of mother nature, H&M are making their attempt to join the eco-friendly race and making sure we all know about it. A multitude of high street brands have approached the environmentally-friendly route but some with little success. What the average High Street consumer normally gets are increased prices, due to the new fabrics the brand has to source, and the design lacking in quality and variety compared with it's non eco-friendly competitors. Sometimes the obstacle of incorporating unharmful dyeing techniques isn't always cost effective enough.  

Luckily none of this is evident in H&M's new The Garden Collection available from the 25th March 2010. Exhilarating Summer brights boost the collection with everything you could… read more

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