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Power of Making at the V&A: exhibition review

The Power of Making celebrates the best of human imagination and creativity in craft: here's some of my favourite things I discovered, including an embroidered surgical implant and a baby created out of marzipan.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Power of Making V&A 2011-Elaine Colbert
A hyperrealistic baby doll created by Elaine Colbert for 'adoption'.

Yesterday I went along to check out the new Power of Making exhibition at the V&A Porter Gallery in conjunction with the Crafts Council, treatment which opens today. Curator Daniel Charny was on hand to give us a personal introduction, explaining that when putting together the show he looked for the best demonstration of knowledge for each skill on display. He aims to challenge preconceptions of what arts and craft can be, because 'making is an active way of thinking' that needs to be better valued. Many of the objects on display demonstrate a strong link between science, technology and craft and he would love this relationship to be more widely recognised and utilised.

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