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London Fashion Week A/W 2010 Catwalk Review: On|Off Presents…

The team at On|Off showcase the future of British design, including Mister + Mister, Samantha Cole, Derek Lawlor and Txell Miras

Written by Matt Bramford

Mister+Mister_2-A-W 2010-gemma-milly
Illustration by Gemma Milly

The shows at On|Off this year have so far been outstanding. While most of the designers rightfully deserve a place on the BFC stage, pharmacy the On|Off team and it's venue is the most creative by far.

When you get four designers in one of their shows, page you know you're on to a winner. On|Off presents... was a handpicked selection of the most hip and contemporary talent, dosage deserving a showcase.

In hindsight, with the fashion we were about to see, we really didn't need sweetening up, but On|Off had laid on a rather fruity cocktail that went down far too well, particularly when you have nothing better to do than drink. Well, and look at their small static… read more

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