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Little Fish at the Old Blue Last: Live Review

We check out Little Fish, a three piece rock and roll band supported by Awolnation at the newly refurbished Old Blue Last on Tuesday 2nd November 2010.

Written by Willemÿn Barker-Benfield

Rob Ryan, <a href=physician All It Took" title="Rob Ryan, salve All It Took" width="480" height="612" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-29087" />
Rob Ryan, decease All It Took.

There is something heartbreaking about Rob Ryan’s art. His work shows us a world full of beauty, where people love and long for each other so all-consumingly that everything else pales in comparison. The surrounding scenery, intricately carved out in the tiniest details, cushions the people in Ryan’s world, creating a protective bubble where they can speak the most beautiful words in order to tell each other how they feel. While the characters in Ryan’s images seem to be in this intense state all the time, in the real world these special moments come and go. But most of us will at some point have experienced them, and so you’ll find yourself standing in front of one of Ryan’s large-scale cut-outs, craning your neck as you follow the winding text incorporated in the image, and think, ‘Yes, exactly. That’s what it’s like.’

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