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Gurun Gurun featuring Cuushe: Atarashii hi video – an interview with director Cristina Maldonado

The new album from cult label Home Normal features this beautiful track with Japanese singer Cuushe. Here the director of the trippy video talks us through her process.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Gurun Gurun kon_b-cover
The Japanese influenced Czech group Gurun Gurun return with a new video featuring Cuushe (read more about the Japanese singer in our 2012 interview here). The EP features a host of remixes by well known Japanese artists and all the money is going to the Tenohasi NPO who help the homeless in Tokyo, and is followed by the album Kon B in May featuring Cuushe, Cokiyu, and Miko. We caught up with director Cristina Maldonado to find out more about this trippy video.

Gurun Gurun ft. Cuushe – Atarashii hi from Home Normal on read more

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An interview with James Morgan, director of the video for Cucurucu by Nick Mulvey

National Geographic photographer James Morgan shot the beautiful video for Cucurucu in Indonesia. I found out about this intriguing collaboration.

Written by Amelia Gregory

NIck Mulvey by Kaja Szechowsko. Nick Mulvey, former founding member of Portico Quartet, releases new single Cucurucu accompanied by a stunning video shot on Nihiwatu beach in Indonesia by National Geographic […]

An interview with Tim Plester, director of Way of the Morris

Way of the Morris premieres as part of the London International Documentary Festival at the Barbican on Sunday 15th May. Director Tim Plester eloquently guides us through the making of this lovely film about Morris Dancing.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Way of the Morris by Rosemary Cunningham. Actor and film director Tim Plester has produced a beautiful documentary film inspired by his childhood antagonism towards the reignited Adderbury village cult […]


Harun Farocki at Raven Row: Against What? Against Whom?

Contributor Hannah Osborne saunters into Raven and is enthralled by video artist Farocki's arresting montages

Written by Hannah Osborne

Copenhagen Climate Summit: Lord Monckton rap battles Al Gore “It’s freedom they’re plundering, viagra sale website and you’re the scare-monger king!” cries global warming sceptic Lord Monckton to former American […]