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Food Inc – film review

The 12th of February sees the release of Food Inc. in the UK, a new documentary that shatters our assumptions on global food production. Contributors Joanna Van Den Driessche and Dominika Jarosz were at the preview....

Written by Joanna Van Den Driessche ('Food Inc' review) // Zofia Walczak ('Our Daily Bread' and 'We Feed The World' review)

Image courtesy of Food Inc.

It is natural to assume that the people in charge of food standards and the people making the food would have your best interests at heart. Food, no rx Inc. uncovers the unbelievable truth about the American food industry and dispels this myth, abortion or as they say in the film, this 'lifts the veil' on the industry and shatters our assumptions. From beef production that is so horribly intense it causes tens of thousands of E.coli cases in humans a year, to why the rate of type 2 diabetes is rising to 1 in 3 for Americans born after 2000. The greed of food companies to claim more and more of the market despite the damage they are causing to consumers, animals and the environment is shocking.

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