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Eleven Glorious Albums of 2010

So many to choose from, but Helen Martin brings you eleven of what she considers the best albums of 2010. Take a look and have a listen.

Written by Helen Martin

Beach House by Karolina Burdon

Beach House by Karolina Burdon

Being the new year and all, perhaps it might be nice to take an appreciative glance at the wonderful music that touched our ears and hearts in 2010, and indeed continues to do so as we begin the thrilling joy that is January 2011. Now, remain/become positive chaps and chappettes, a new dawn, means a shiny new chapter. You can file 2010 away under ‘misc’ and make all sorts of resolutions on new notepaper. As arty people and appreciators of creativity, this MUST appeal to you. I personally believe that creativity can be kickstarted with music. So, if you are feeling sluggish and are already considering a nap, perhaps first quickly read my list of music that has the potential to kick the ass of thou. If you are already napping, and can not bring yourself to open your eyes, please use a person to click on an immersed youtube video and feel a small whack from one of these beauties. Then you can wallow as much as you want.

Beach House: Teen Dream, Bella Union
French born,… read more

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Dreamboat Vs Inkygoodness Exhibition, Bristol

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Beautiful Bristol and Paris based band This is the Kit features the dulcet tones of Kate Stables. Luscious stuff.

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