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Film Review: Dreams of a Life, and interview with photographer Lottie Davis: creator of Dreams of Your Life

Dreams of a Life follows the life, and death, of Joyce Carol Vincent, who lay undiscovered in her bedsit above a busy shopping mall. Photographer Lottie Davies was commissioned to produce an accompanying artwork that identifies with the key themes of the film.

Written by Amelia Gregory

dreams_of_a_life film
She was my age when she died, just 38, and no one who knew her expected the badly decomposed corpse to be their friend Joyce Carol Vincent: here in lies the central pretext of Carol Morley's incredibly touching film about a much loved woman who simply vanished. Whilst her body lay rotting for three years in a bedsit above a busy North London shopping mall no one came looking for her (or found her), no one switched off her electricity and heating, and she went apparently unmissed. This film is part documentary, part reconstruction, with scenes from Joyce's past life as a social butterfly of the 80s played out in colourful bathos. A portrait emerges of a beautiful, outgoing but fairly ordinary girl who in her youth had her pick of men and happily took centre stage at social occasions, but who was perhaps a bit lost, and somehow, years later, slipped through the cracks of society.

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