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Introducing The Rodnik Band: S/S 2012 ‘Cod Save The Sea’ Diffusion Line for ASOS

We paid an exclusive visit to the studio of unique British brand The Rodnik Band to preview the launch of a diffusion line for ASOS from his S/S 2012 'Cod Save The Sea' collection. In part one we introduce designer Philip Colbert.

Written by Maria Papadimitriou

The Rodnik Band SS12 Cod Save The Sea by Helena Maratheftis

The Rodnik Band SS12 'Cod Save The Sea' by Helena Maratheftis

On a fine London morning in early June - I know, hard to believe - I had the privilege of visiting the colourful studio where the witty designs by The Rodnik Band come to life to interview the man behind them, Philip Colbert. I cannot remember exactly how this brand entered my radar a couple of years ago, but I recall browsing The Rodnik Band website for the first time and feeling really excited that such fun, stimulating, cleverly filled with references - if a little inaccessible - clothes existed out there. Later, during the private view of an exhibition organised by The Stitch Project, I suddenly saw in front of me a girl wearing an exquisitely delicately sequined long gown whose main body had the shape of a fish, while chips were adorning the lower area near the floor. It was delightful. The girl was holding a banner with… read more

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