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Graduate Fashion Week: Ravensbourne

It's back to Graduate Fashion Week for a moment with a look at the Ravensbourne show - featuring a winning menswear collection and Dame Viv…

Written by Jonno Ovans

Francis Alÿs Tate Modern 2010 Le Temps du Sommeil
Francis Alÿs Tate Modern La Ronde
La Ronde by Francis Alÿs

Last week Francis Alÿs: A Story of Deception opened at the Tate Modern. In the first room we are faced with the artwork that inspired the exhibition's name: a film of a flickering mirage in the Patagonian desert. Water appears to flood across a dusty highway… vanishing into the distance in a hypnotising shimmer. Originally from Belgium, viagra 40mg Alÿs has been a resident of Mexico City since the mid 1980s, sickness although his work often explores the politics of a worldwide diaspora. Each room encapsulates a particular project, remedy often showcasing the original source material, such as news clippings, and the tiny but beautifully formed oil paintings that Alÿs produces alongside films and other… read more

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Film Preview: Dirty Oil

Eleanor Whalley previews new film Dirty Oil, which explores the sticky topic of tar sands extraction in Canada. Not nice stuff. Illustrations by Laura Callaghan.

Written by Eleanor Whalley

All images courtesy of Laura Callaghan Where would you assume America most of its oil from? If I’d been asked a couple of days ago I think I would have […]