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Craftastic. What to do with old envelopes?

For this crafty column, I show you how to turn seemingly useless and oft discarded envelopes into all sorts of useful lovely things.

Written by Hannah Bullivant

What to do with them?

Illustrations by Farzeen jabbar

Perhaps its because I’m getting older, adiposity perhaps I’m becoming more eccentric or perhaps its one too many glasses of wine but I am becoming increasingly intolerant of waste. The latest object of my ‘waste rage’ is envelopes. I am ‘online billed’ to my eyeballs, dosage but I still seem to receive an avalanche of junk mail and catalogues for companies I’ve never heard of through the post. Its probably Facebook’s fault; selling my soul to Identity Theft R Us and

But before I retreat into an envelope and Facebook induced pit of fury, order I’ll bring this baby back to the point.

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