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Beautiful Freaks: an interview with ceramicist Sophie Woodrow

Bristolian ceramicist Sophie Woodrow makes hybrid porcelain figures that are as beguiling as they are bonkers.

Written by Ursula Glitch

Sophie Woodrow crowd
Photograph by Ben Dowden. All photographs courtesy of Sophie Woodrow.

Have you ever caught sight of something out of the corner of your eye and mistaken it for something quite different, even otherworldly? Like the tatty old dressing-gown casting long, black shadows on your bedroom wall, or a flashback from that dream you had when you were seven, half remembered and so much more monstrous for not being quite complete? My first ever nightmare involved Worzel Gummidge and Punch, of 'Punch and Judy' chasing me around our old house to the sound of sit-com laughter. I think I may have downed one too many Sodastreams that day, but if, like me, you’re familiar with that weird, slightly disturbing sensation and find it just a little bit addictive, then you are sure to love the work of Bristolian ceramic artist Sophie Woodrow.

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