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Art Car Boot Fair 2011 returns for the Apple Cart Festival in Victoria Park

This year's Art Car Boot Fair took place on Sunday 19th June in the car park of the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. Amongst the hyped artwork of big name Brit artists there were some amazing bargains to grab. The Art Car Boutique returns on the 7th August for the Apple Cart Festival.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Art Car Boot Fair 2011 review-all photography by Amelia Gregory
Art Car Boot Fair 2011. All photography by Amelia Gregory.

It amazes me that I've never been to the Art Car Boot Fair before… but there you have it, buy this year was my very first time, despite it's proximity to my home. I think I may have been inadvertently put off by the hype surrounding limited editions by very famous artists, sold out of the boots of (sponsored) cars to the desperate queueing hoardes.

Art Car Boot Fair 2011 review-Art Car Boot Fair 2011. All photography by Amelia more

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