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Lush Gorilla Perfumes: The Smell of Freedom in Three Parts, Fire Tree, Old Delhi Station and Oudh Heart

The latest fragrances in the new Gorilla Perfume range from Lush were inspired by stories of freedom from around the world. Created by founder Mark Constantine's son, Simon Constantine.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Lush Smell of Freedom perfume Oudh Heart By Vicky Fallon
The Smell of Freedom (Oudh Heart) by Vicky Fallon.

Love perfumes? Love Lush? Or know someone who does? Then how about these three new fragrances for potential stocking fillas?

The Smell of Freedom comes in three different parts which were inspired by Simon Constantine's travels. Combined, they create a heady fragrance that claims to be an 'amalgamation of souls'. The Smell of Freedom comes in a selection of different sizes, including a sample and a solid. Since together The Smell of Freedom smells a bit too much like soapy incense on my skin (I prefer fresh or more obviously spicey scents) I asked to be sent the three constituent parts to sample - they are also available to buy separately. My favourite by far is read more

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