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Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration launch party photos: meet Liz Johnson-Artur

We've worked together since way before the dawn of Amelia's Magazine. Meet Liz Johnson-Artur: a fabulous photographer who still shoots on film. She's answered a quick Q&A alongside the last photos from my ACOFI launch party.

Written by Amelia Gregory

6 day riot by Natsuki Otani
6 Day Riot's Tamara Schlesinger by Natsuki Otani.

There were so many amazing guests at my ACOFI launch who didn't come down to the afternoon tea party that it seemed only natural to ask some of my ACOFI illustrators who were also not present during the daytime to illustrate a few of them. Which is how I wound up with this merry bunch of pictures.

A couple were unsurprisingly enamoured of 6 Day Riot: Erica Sharp and Natsuki Otani (above) show just how differently illustrators can see things.

6 Day Riot by Erica Sharp
6 Day Riot by Erica Sharp.

ACOFI cake by Lesley Barnes
Lesley Barnes felt moved to… read more

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