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10 eco designers to watch out for in SS10: Part One

A who's who of responsible fashion

Written by Rachael Oku

Loads of actions and demonstrations will be taking place this week and next in Copenhagen to protest against COP15 and to demand real effective solutions to the climate crisis...

Image courtesy of Climate Justice Action

Monday 7th December: Climate Justice Fast! Hunger strikes have been taking place since the 6th of November in the UK, store US, drugs India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Honduras, Bhutan and Copenhagen to raise awareness for the urgent need for action on climate change. Over 60 activists are already involved, and the 7th of December is an international day of fasting.

Wednesday 9th December: A large meeting will be held to spread the word on the upcoming actions and demonstrations this week in Copenhagen.
19:00 – 21:00 Ragnhildgade 1.

Friday 11th December: Don’t Buy the Lie. A day of anti-corporate action, because there is no such thing as green capitalism! 14:00.

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