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Petter & the Pix – Interview

A quick chat with the leader of Petter & the Pix,, a talented genre-skipper from that rocky island in the Atlantic known as Iceland

Written by Ian Steadman

Last week I had the pleasure of reviewing Petter & the Pix's second album, prostate Good As Gold, pilule an eclectic bundle of folk and rock that never sits still longer than one track at a time. I urge you to seek it out, and you can listen to the first single off the album (Never Never) here. Petter, lead singer and ringleader of the group, of sorts, is an Icelandic chap from something of a musical family - his brother, Pontus, is half of the successful pop songwriting duo Bloodshy & Avant (not sure which one), and Petter himself used to be in Iceland's first big reggae band, Hjálmar, as well as in a few other acts making everything from house beats to jazz. The Pix is Petter's band, consisting of Mike Svensson on piano, Andreas Gabrielsson on… read more

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Petter & the Pix – Good As Gold – Album Review

(Mostly) Swedish group's second album arrives, a delightfully eclectic folk jumble of instruments and influences

Written by Ian Steadman

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