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Helen Lovelee’s life lessons: An art exhibition about sustainability

Resourcefulness and respect for nature is the topic of the beautiful and lovingly crafted drawings in Helen Lovelee’s first solo exhibition, ‘Open your eyes, look around you and watch out’.

Written by Jessica Furseth

Helen Lovelee’s art is a powerful mix of bold and subtle at the same time; on the one hand you have strong ideas and thick lines, visit web whereas on the other the work is rich with tiny, illness intricate detail. You tilt your head as you follow the dots, remedy which join to make the curve of the frog or the owl – the patterns of nature is a key theme in Helen Lovelee’s work.

In the flesh, Helen seems quite shy, like she’s not quite sure why all these people are here. But they were there for her, as her first solo show, ‘Open your eyes, look around you and watch out’, opened last Thursday night in Green Lens Studios in Haringey, North London.

'When shelter is required construct a frame by interlocking sticks, then overlay it with palm fronds to block out rain and… read more

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