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An interview with DJ/disco-dance/electro-pop musician Ali Love

Fans of the 1980s-inspired electro dancefloor movement rejoice! The Summer of Love is here...

Written by Kat Phan

Big Chill Festival 2010

I am standing on a sweaty tube to Ladbroke Grove and boy do I want to bust a move. I want to glide across the carriage, this wind it up, look shake my bootie (even though I don’t have much of one), viagra do the robot, shimmy back and forth and clap – but I don’t. Instead I repress all of my disco dancing energy into a few gentle taps with my fingers on the pole I'm meant to be holding onto; my inner Tony Manero bound and gagged.

Summer has arrived in full bloom as I listen to Ali Love’s latest single ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ on my hot pink ipod; I am on my way to meet the man himself. If truth be told, the first time I heard of Ali was only a few weeks ago when I was invited to a one-off exclusive show at East London art venue, CAMP. Although initially weary of all the hype, on seeing him perform and hearing his latest material, I… read more

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