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MAWI: Robots Invasion Video Celebrates Iconic Jewellery

MAWI introduce this wonderful animated video, featuring a look back at previous collections of their playful jewellery.

Written by Amelia Gregory

MAWI Robot Invasion video model
I love the cute dancing horse and robots in this wonderful animated fashion film to celebrate the cult accessories brand MAWI. Here they describe the making of the video:

Inspired by the prolific animations of Jan Svankmajer, Robots Invasion is a surrealistic yet playfully spirited stop-motion film celebrating the retrospect collections of luxury costume jewellery and accessories brand MAWI. It is the sixth and latest fashion film in MAWI’s retrospective show reel. Created through the famously finicky stop motion technique, Robots Invasion is a psychedelic journey through a treasure chest of MAWI’s classic collections. The protagonist, a mannequin mix of equal parts android and porcelain doll, follows a team of tin toy robots across a… read more

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