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Love Art London: A Victorian Walking Tour around the Hyde Park Sculptures

Pugin, GF Watts, Jacob Epstein, Peter Pan... there's a whole host to learn about the wonderful sculptures that sit in Hyde Park. Read on to learn loads of fascinating facts accompanied by some wonderful pictures. Perfect for geeks like me.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Climate Camp No Tar Sands
Chris Pensa of Love Art London 2010 by Amelia Gregory
Chris Pensa of Love Art London. All photography by Amelia Gregory.

When members only art club Love Art London invited me to join them on a sculpture art walk through Hyde Park I jumped at the chance. I love a guided stroll, order especially on a balmy summer evening. But dressing up straight from work? Nice idea, here but unlikely for most despite the lure of a fiver off the ticket price if you dressed up as a Victorian. Instead we all (briefly) donned fake stick-on moustaches - that universal symbol of Victoriana - and marvelled at the outrageous attire of the goth girl from Florida.

Love Art London 2010 by Amelia Gregoryread more

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