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An interview with illustrator Alice Loveday Dupre about making the video for Farmer and His Gun by Charlie Simpson

Illustrator Alice Loveday Dupre was commissioned to direct and create the video which accompanies Charlie Simpson's new single. She explains the process of animation in this fascinating interview.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Alice Loveday dupre Charlie Simpson Promo Still 01
Charlie Simpson - he of the chiselled jaw and big eyebrows - put his futuristic 'triple breasted women' Busted days behind him long ago. He left in 2005 to be precise, now don't that make you feel old?! Having moved through several musical incarnations since then, he has lately settled on a tuneful country folk inflected style that is best summed up in his latest single Farmer & His Gun. I absolutely adore the animation that accompanies this lilting ditty, so I got in touch with illustrator Alice Loveday Dupre to find out how she made it.

Charlie Simpson farmer and his gun single

Your lovely new video for Charlie… read more

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