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Secret Garden Party 2010: Friday Review

Secret Garden Party is a festival like no other. Here I sample fish therapy and review the Friday music acts including Animal Kingdom, Marina and the Diamonds, Infadels and Delays.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Hidden in a mini industrial estate just off Curtain Road, sales Payne Shurvell opens their inaugural exhibition "A Bright and Guilty Place" in an old light factory. The gallery directors introduce thirteen artists' -who are either unrepresented or have yet to show in London- unique approaches to the subject of mapping and place. The word introduction is mentioned as the gallery presents an idea of each individual's practice - rather than claiming to represent their overture in it's entirety. What is successful about this show is that it does not feel as if the curators have placed a theme on the artists rather they have found 13 separate practices that uniquely represent mapping and place.

Ideas touch upon psycho-geography, cheapest and that endless human drive to find our place in the world - either through art or religion these questions are perennial.
Art offers a respite from the ever distance shortening communication provided by the internet. Maps provide a way of documenting economic prowess, read more

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