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New Music: Isolde introduces debut EP Seed Bud Bloom

New kid on the block, Isolde, introduces her debut EP, a dreamy collage of found sounds and surreal stories.

Written by Gemma Dietrich

Isolde Seed Bud Bloom EP Artwork
Bristol based Isolde releases her debut EP Seed Bud Bloom this May. The talented woman behind the dreamy pop, toytronica is much more than your average singer-songwriter. Collecting and then sampling multiple sounds, Isolde is also a female producer and also responsible for all the artwork used. Having been compared to Coco Rosie and Bjork for obvious reasons, Isolde has still managed to master her own unique and abstract style.

Harboured Sounds Session:

The wonderful thing about music is that it transports us all somewhere completely different. A fellow reviewer described her sound as being ‘luscious real world folktronica… on a rowboat in a slightly misty lake’. I would like to find out where this lake is and what they were consuming on said boat. Isolde takes me on a different trip. I’m sitting in a darkened Spiegeltent watching circus freaks contort and fly, expressing both the beautiful and abstract aspects of life, making me question my sanity. It’s… read more

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