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Our Garden Birds: An Interview with Illustrator and Author Matt Sewell

Bird illustrator Matt Sewell talks about his love for our feathered friends and the process of creating his beautiful new book for Ebury Press.

Written by Amelia Gregory

our garden birds matt sewell
Our Garden Birds by illustrator and bird enthusiast Matt Sewell was published a few months ago with Ebury Press. Collating together his inimitable drawings and quirky writings for cult website Caught by the River, this book is a beautiful paen to our feathered friends. I predict that it will generate many a new twitcher in the back garden and local parks... Matt described to me his love for birds and how he makes his gorgeous artwork.

our garden birds matt sewell
Why are birds so important?
I focused my work on birds a few years ago after I took some time out and went travelling with my girlfriend. I needed to re-address what I was doing and needed to… read more

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