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Our Broken Garden: The making of the Garden Grow video with Broken Pixel

Ashley Dean of Broken Pixel talks about his production of the fab Fraggle Rock inspired video for Our Broken Garden's latest single Garden Grow, out now on Bella Union. Read on to find out how it was made.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Ashley Dean by Russty Brazil
Ashley Dean, adiposity as depicted by Russty Brazil.

I recently reviewed the superb second album from Our Broken Garden, information pills so when Ashley Dean got in touch to tell me he was making their latest video Garden Grow I couldn't resist taking a peek... it's a delightful lo-fi Fraggle Rock inspired few minutes that should tickle even the coldest of hearts, and here's the story of how it was made...

What inspired the treatment for the video? 
The starting point for this video was a suggestion by Simon Raymonde of Bella Union. He said he'd love to see Anna of Our Broken Garden performing in a Muppet Show style set. It was this video that inspired him, so we started off from there... I love the read more

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