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Ena Salon Review: a new haircut thanks to Mothers Meeting

Last week I had my hair cut by the charming Jonathan at the family run Ena Salon in Holborn, with Snarfle in tow.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Ena Salon Mothers Meeting Review
I've never really been one to pamper myself (I didn't cut my hair AT ALL for at least five years, and styling products stay woefully untouched on the bathroom shelf) but when you're a full time mum and trying hard to work at the same time it's nice to have a little bit of TLC at the hairdresser. So I jumped at the chance to have a new haircut courtesy of the nice people at Ena Salon (and organised by Jenny Scott of Mothers Meeting for a host of frazzled mummies).

Ena Salon Mothers Meeting Review
Ena Salon Mothers Meeting Review
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