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Flowers – Where’s The Love?

Covered in pesticides and flown for miles...How much love will actually go into your flowers this Valentine's?

Written by Zofia Walczak


It's not often that I will voluntarily submit to Shakespeare - which must be something to do with it reminding me of school trips where me and my best mate Aisha would generally be raucous to annoy the middle aged audience and then wolf whistle through the applause. (well, case she wolf whistled and I egged her on.)
So I don't think I've seen Macbeth since I studied it for A-Level English. But I decided that attendance should be compulsory for a play that features not one but two randomly known friends. I found out about this production through the miracle of communication that is Facebook, buy more about when Rob Wilson posted about his part as MacDuff. And then I noticed a very familiar witch in the publicity shots. Louis Brooke! Whom I've known since he was a precocious 17 year old that I looked after on a children's camp. He went off to Oxbridge and then decided he wanted to be an actor. Rob's path I know less well but I've seen him around at… read more

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