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Diamond Mine by Jon Hopkins and King Creosote. A review and interview with Jon Hopkins.

Diamond Mine is an absolutely gorgeous album, the result of a collaboration from two very different musical talents. In the first of two blogs find out how the partnership worked from both sides.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Jon Hopkins King Creosote cover
Diamond Mine was released in the UK a few months ago and came out in the US only recently, for sale so I hope that some of my readers will already have heard it for it is without doubt one of the most wonderful pieces of music I have heard in many years. And I don't say that lightly. The album is a collaboration between Fife based folk singer songwriter King Creosote and Royal College of Music graduate Jon Hopkins, viagra approved who specialises in electronica.

Jon Hopkins and King Creosote by Gareth A Hopkins
Jon Hopkins and King Creosote by Gareth A Hopkins.

King Creosote… read more

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