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Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days at Fashion Scout: London Fashion Week A/W 2013 Catwalk Review

Ukrainian designers Anna October, Paskal, Yasya Minochkina and Anna Kolomoets showcased their work at Fashion Scout on Sunday 17th February. Photography by Amelia Gregory, illustrations by Jenny Robins.

Written by Jenny Robins

anna october - lfw - aw13 - jenny robins - amelias magazine

For this catwalk show I found myself sat one person apart from the infamous London Fashion Week performance artist Pandemonia. I'm not very good at spotting fashion celebrities (I can to my shame point out someone from Made in Chelsea, even if I cannot name them) but she does rather stand out from the crowd (literally, complete with blow up wig she's immensely tall). I was playing it cool so I didn't ask for a picture; as if it's completely normal to sit next to a giant inflatable Barbie doll. An illusion I have now shattered by going on about it here. The four designers, along with another three contributing to a showcase Campari reception the next day, were over from the Ukraine, part of a growing trend for international designers to show their wares at London Fashion Week.

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