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London Fashion Week A/W 2011 Catwalk Review: Krystof Strozyna

Despite my lack of ticket I managed to sneak onto the front row at long time Amelia's Magazine favourite Krystof Strozyna at Fashion Scout. With lovely illustrations by Gabriel ‘Gaarte’ Ayala and Matilde Sazio.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Jasper Garvida A/W 2011. Photography by Amelia Gregory
Jasper Garvida A/W 2011 by Maria Papadimitriou
Jasper Garvida A/W 2011 by Maria Papadimitriou.

As anyone who attends the shows will know, viagra buy guessing who has priority tickets is always an amusing game. Is it the gold star? Surely double gold star is better? Or maybe this season purple or neon yellow signifies top cat for a certain PR? Jasper Garvida tickets certainly had us guessing - we were sent quite a handful, some with green dots on and all with the exciting words VIP. I made an educated guess that VIP with green dot was the most prestigious bet and I got it wrong - green dot was lesser.

Jasper Garvida A/W 2011 by Madi
Jasper Garvida A/W 2011 by Madiread more

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