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Snarfle is One: Celebrating Baby, Motherhood and Work

I've been a mother for a year now, and my life creating Amelia's Magazine has irrevocably changed. I wouldn't change it for the world... featuring lots of beautiful illustrations

Written by Amelia Gregory

Snarfle by Kirbi Fagan
Snarfle by Kirbi Fagan.

A few weeks ago my baby Snarfle celebrated his first birthday, so now seems like a good opportunity to look back on my first year as a mum running this website: after all Amelia's Magazine has always reflected what is happening in my life.

Snarfle Sheep Cake by Claire Kearns
Snarfle's Sheep Cake modelled on one of his favourite fluffy toys, by Claire Kearns.

I know it's the biggest cliche of all, but nothing, nothing, can prepare you for becoming a parent. So when I was pregnant I made a big effort to prepare only for the birth, imagining that I would follow my instincts like every other mother down the millennia and everything beyond would just fall into place somehow. Sink or swim, right? I read nothing about parenting and bought the bare… read more

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